Version 6.1

Bug Fixes

- Fixed header issue on certain versions of OSX

- Fixed Share with Facebook panel after Facebook changed API

- Unfortunately we’ve had to remove the Facebook Status Panel feature due to undocumented changes in the Facebook API meaning it’s no longer possible. We have contacted Facebook and hope we can return the feature.

- Fixed a few minor Roccat Draw bugs


- We have introduced a Tweet Panel, to allow you to quickly post a tweet.

- Added new Pink Pen and Pink Marker tools to Roccat Draw

Version 6.0

Roccat 6.0 has tons of improvements:


- PasteBoard Suggestions - Roccat now suggests to search for things you have copied when you open a new tab, for example if you copy a link it will suggest opening it, if you copy text it will suggest searching for it, it even suggests for other content such as emails and twitter handles! You can press "command enter” to activate the suggestion or “shift enter” to cancel the suggestion. You can also turn off PasteBoard suggestions in security settings.

- Roccat Draw now groups all colours of the same tool in one group, and we’ve also added a new blue highlighter tool.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed conflict issue with & History

- Fixed issues with the Roccat Facebook status & share panels

- Fixed issue with Restore Tabs button not hiding when in FullScreen mode

- Fixed bug where changing Blank to Homepage would change the Blank Page style label for English users.

- Fixed issue where some webpages could get gray background on command click.

- Fixed issue where the homepage could load on command click instead of the link.

- Fixed various video freezing issues

- Fixed the FaceBook search bar dropping out of the header on older Macs


Performance & Developer

- Huge performance improvements, our main task for Roccat 6 was improving performance and lowering CPU usage, with huge amounts of code rewritten for optimising performance.

- ResourceSaver is now more efficent and better than ever, so you can browser for longer.


- We’ve updated the Purple Orb UI to a new Peach Mist UI

- Preference icons have all been updated to match Roccat’s modern design

- Brand new logo, refined just like the browser itself!



- Improved AdRemover

- RClouds 6.0 which improves backup speed

- Updated for better macOS Sierra support

- Updated Chrome user agents to latest version (52) and added iOS10 Safari & Safari 10 useragents